The Jolly Jungle

The Jolly Jungle hosts

Hosted by Kenny Perryman & Jesse Owen McFadden

5pm to 6pm Friday Join us on 93.3 FM or Stream at

Join us for laughs and fun in the Jolly Jungle

In The Jolly Jungle we have fun talking about crazy news stories and visits from Papa Prune Juice, The Proper Dab Guy, and other eccentric personalities . We also have local artists including musicians, comedians, actors, rappers, and singers and song writers.

The Jolly Jungle admires the talent in Maine. Therefore, we aim to bring local artists to the limelight and showcase their talents. In ourĀ  segment “Maine’s Got Talent”, we interview local artists and display their craft. Many musicians play right in studio during interview. So, tune in via 93.3 FM or stream live at WRFR every Friday at 4PM to 5PM. Call the show and join the fun: (207) 593-0013 – Studio

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